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Mustard Sceed Foundation Inc. (the c is for community) Advocacy services is here to serve the community meet the needs of the underserved community!

Welcome to The Mustard Sceed Community

Do you have needs that continue to be unmet?

MSF Inc. specializes in critical thinking, providing information, resources and services that help meet the needs of the underserved and special need individuals..

   We perish for a lack of knowledge...

Advocacy Services
Knowledge is power, the Word states and promises "we perish for a lack of knowledge"(Hosea 4;6). We are here to assist, consciousness advocacy is our mission. We are here to help champion, help and hold at risk communities have a populist. Assisting in needs. We are a tour guide through the forest, Life. By checking this box and submitting your information, you are granting us permission to email you. You may unsubscribe at any time. True You are receiving this message because your email address ([email protected]) is attached to your website contact form. You'll continue to receive these emails as people fill out the mailing list on your website. Regards, The Constant Contact team  

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